Growing up with an artist for a mother, I was painting before I was standing. I always knew art was my passion. I went on to graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Fine Arts degree, and have continued to use my artistic abilities in any way I can find. Now, as a mother myself to Olive (3), my heart has drawn me to working with children, so they can also find a passion for art.

Bree and Olive

Malek Sisters

Bree and Jennifer



My sister, Bree, and I grew up in an art-filled, creative environment. Mom was always painting, knitting, sewing, or creating in some way. Dad was always ready to assist with the latest creative endeavor… from making picture frames for mom’s paintings, to constructing a display for art shows, to delivering wedding flowers. The two made quite a team over the years in so many creative adventures.

Our home was never without paint, fabric, yarn, beads, Sharpies, hot glue, and glitter. Our dining room table usually housed the latest creations, from paintings of “happy flowers,” to Halloween costumes, to stuffed witches and Santas, to floral arrangements. The floors had little splatters of paint and if you looked close enough, just enough glitter to make it sparkle.

Events at our house were a little “extra” even before the days of Pinterest. Whether it was a treasure hunt through the woods, a haunted house constructed in the garage, fireworks at Bree’s wedding in the backyard, or Mom’s cozy home art shows- gatherings were always a bit “magical.”

Bree was always being creative too- from sculpting her mashed potatoes at the dinner table, to sculpting clay in school and receiving her degree in Fine Art.

Now, in my own home, our extra bedroom is “the craft room” where our two boys, Zach and Carter, can always find supplies for a school project and where the stacks of scrapbook paper, yarn, and fabric hint that I may have a craft supply hoarding issue.

So, it seemed the stars aligned for Bree and me in June of 2019, when we were given the opportunity to own a bright and fun art studio right in downtown Plymouth. Bree’s friend, Stacey, had created a beautiful space where children and adults alike could learn, create and be inspired. Bree and I were so excited to be able to continue what Stacey had brought to life at the studio, with children’s art classes, adult workshops, birthday parties, and creative events of all kinds.

It was a space with paint splatters and glitter on the floor, a space where events were “magical” and a little “extra.” I couldn't help but think it seemed a little bit like coming home.

But sometimes with great highs, come great lows. The night before the grand opening our world came crashing down. Our mom passed away and we were lost without our inspiration, our guide, our best friend.  Bree and her family immediately moved into our parents' farmhouse to live with our Dad. 

Having the studio helped us through such a difficult time and brought us closer every day.  All the smiling faces who joined us there kept us going.  We held parties and workshops, and things slowly started feeling a bit "magical" again. 

Then, at the end of February 2020, we actually did bring the business home to "the farm" where our mom had originally wanted to have classes so long ago. 

Bree and Jennifer with Mom,

Debbi Malek